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Bathroom Renovations in Johannesburg

The key to a luxury bathroom renovation in Johannesburg is to utilize every inch of space. Small bathrooms are all too common in Johannesburg, which is why we’ve made sure our team is comprised of the best bathroom renovation contractors, designers, and planners who are experts at maximizing space. When handling the most delicate room in your home, we give equal weight to function and aesthetic. Our goal is to bring your dream Johannesburg bathroom to life.


Our extensive experience in Johannesburg means that we are fully equipped with the knowledge to tackle bathroom renovations. Since we’re an all-inclusive design-and-build firm, we don’t just design and renovate: we also curate, procure, and inspect every single item before having it delivered to the project site. If you need ideas for how to make the most of a small bathroom, we’ll brainstorm everything from layout to storage. From the initial design concept all the way to completion of the renovation, we are there to oversee each aspect of the project.


Bathroom design naturally encompasses both aesthetics and functionality. Storage is important to every bathroom, but particularly so in Johannesburg’s small spaces. Optimizing storage is always top of mind in our designs. Other major changes we consider when renovating bathrooms include how to make the space flow better, rearranging fixtures, replacing tubs with walk-in showers, and adding washer/dryer rooms to nearby linen closets or adjacent spaces – a common add-on when renovating bathrooms as plumbing is involved in both projects.



From natural stone to subway to penny tiles, we can install your ideal tile or help steer you in the right direction if you’re not sure exactly what you want. Our extensive experience in bathroom remodels means that we are able to easily accommodate all manner of styles and finishes.


In a bathroom remodel, the vanity is often the focal point of the space and central to a redesign. A well-placed vanity is important to maximize space in a bathroom, improve the traffic pattern, and create a seamless flow. The aesthetic is key as well; whether your preferred style requires a sleek contemporary look, a retro mid-century modern appearance, or anything in between, we’ll find the perfect vanity for you.


Updating the vanity countertops is another vital factor in bathroom renovations. We’ll always consider both durability and style when selecting the materials for your new bathroom countertops. From the stain-resistant, long-lasting beauty of quartz to nonporous solid-surface materials, we’ll find the ideal countertops to match your new bathroom’s aesthetic.

We Handle All Types of Bathroom Renovations

When you work with Gallery, you never have to sacrifice style for functionality, no matter the size of your bathroom renovation. We’re experts in making the most out of Johannesburg’s small spaces to create the bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Small Bathroom

The layout in small bathrooms is always important; our designs are open and bright, with the goal to be able to easily move around, no matter how tight the space might be. We also seek to maximize storage capabilities, from adding a niche in the shower to incorporating a medicine cabinet behind the mirror. Your bathroom door is another important component as well: how will it open up? Would a pocket door be an improvement? How about a swing door? We take into account everything that can affect the flow in your bathroom.

Luxury Bathroom

While the functionality of storage options and the aesthetics of material selection are always key, luxury bathroom renovations kick the design up a notch. Heated floors and his and hers dual vanities are as luxurious as they are functional; so are walk-in showers, soaking tubs, and other plumbing-related elements that take your high-end bathroom to new heights of comfort and style.

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We seek to define and create beautiful spaces by renovating and remodeling bathrooms with full-service care and consideration. If you’re struggling to pinpoint your exact bathroom renovation needs, our design-and-build team is experienced at translating your words and thoughts into real, beautiful spaces. See more of our work and contact Mkabela Renovations to make an appointment and find out what it will take to get started on your bathroom renovation.